Nat's Mac Page

2004-03-11: Mono standard distro, self-contained
2003-11-11: GD, JPEG, PNG with Perl GD module for Panther (must have X11 and possibly X11 developers tools)
2003-04-07: perl 5.8.x (snapshot of perl 5.8.1 development tree, no threads) dmg
2003-02-07: Discovered gcc2 and g++2 are still available, even though the default gcc and g++ are version 3.
2003-02-07: If you're behind a firewall, you need to set passive mode for FTP transfers. Do this for commandline tools by putting setenv FTP_PASSIVE true in your .tcshrc. -- Michael Leahy
2003-02-07: id3lib 3.8.2 dmg
2003-02-06: perl 5.8.0 (no threads) dmg
2002-09-18: Mac OS X Hints shows how to enable CVS pserver on Jaguar.
2002-09-18: macvim is a Carbonized port of vim to OS X. (which hasn't been updated to Jaguar yet). A prebuilt tty-only vim is here.
2002-09-18: Dan Kogai's MacOSX::File includes the psync program, which is a very useful backup tool. MacOSX::File itself works with all the Mac filesystem-specific metadatalike creator and file types. psyncX is a GUI frontend for psync.
2002-09-18: DoubleCommand lets you remap/redefine your keyboard. (e.g., turn CapsLock into Ctrl).
2002-09-18: shows how to get emacs key bindings within an application.

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