This tablature archive is maintained by Nathan Torkington (nathan@torkington.com) and is intended to hold original and transcribed tablature for the 5-string banjo. Contributions, corrections and comments are invited via e-mail to nathan@torkington.com

All styles are accepted, from bluegrass to jazz and classical. The only restriction is that the tablature must not be taken from a book. If you have tablature from a book, then feel free to offer the publisher and ISBN number so others can order it.




Bourree in E Minor
Transcribed by Nathan Torkington.
Musette in D Major
Transcribed by Nathan Torkington.
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)
Transcribed by Nathan Torkington. Incomplete.
Prelude #1 from ``The Well-Tempered Clavier''
Transcribed by Nathan Torkington. Not very good.
Two part invention #4
Transcribed by Nathan Torkington. Fingering needs work.
Die Zilberne Khasene(The Silver Wedding)
(Clawhammer) Transcribed by Andy Alexis.


Turkish March (from Piano Sonata #11 in A)
Transcribed by Nathan Torkington.



Arkansas Traveller
From the playing of Mark O'Connor, transcribed by Nathan Torkington. You can download .au files of the first part and the second part, or .wav files of the first part and the second part.
Arkansas Traveller
By Chris Ragaisis.
Lonesome Road Blues
Two breaks, both Scruggs style.
Old-Time Religion
One break, arranged by Phillip Mann. This is a GIF image, not text, so you won't be able to use it unless you can view graphics.
Rickett's Hornpipe
One break, arranged by Bill Keith. This tab is copyright.
Salt Creek
Original break by Nathan Torkington.
Salt Creek
Another break by Nathan Torkington.
We'll Meet Again Sweetheart
Backup and solo as played by Earl Scruggs.
Whiskey Before Breakfast
One break, based on the playing of Bela Fleck. You can download a 400K AU file of me playing it slowly if you like.
Wolf Moon
Three breaks, by Alison Brown. This tab is copyright.
Wreck of the Old 97
One break, by Phillip Mann. This is a GIF image, not text, so you won't be able to use it unless you can view graphics.
Young Guns and Miners
By Dan Levenson and friends, as heard on Boiled Buzzards: Early Bird Special (submitted by Bruce Boyer, bboyer@ix.netcom.com)


Differential Hampster/Pig in a Pen
Original tune by Nathan Torkington. Suspiciously similar to ``Pig in a Pen'', I am told. ;-)


Bela Fleck

Until we can work out a sensible way of rewarding Bela through the Net, I'm not going to distribute arrangements of his tab.
Jekyll and Hyde
Bela Fleck tune, transcribed by Nathan Torkington. (removed)
Monkey See
Bela Fleck tune, transcribed by Nathan Torkington. (removed)


Charlie Parker, transcribed by Nathan Torkington.
How High The Moon
Morgan Lewis-Nancy Hamilton, transcribed by Nathan Torkington.
Now's The Time
Charlie Parker, transcribed by Nathan Torkington.
Stompin' At Decca
Django Reinhardt, transcribed by Nathan Torkington.


Nathan Torkington.


Silent Night
Arranged by Nathan Torkington.


Nathan Torkington
Started playing in 1989. Favourite players: Bela Fleck, Earl Scruggs, Tom Adams, Tony Trischka, Tony Furtado, Alison Brown. E-mail: nathan@torkington.com
Andy Alexis
Been playing 5 string banjo for 12 years, primarily in the clawhammer and non-bluegrass fingerstyle arenas. Influences: Fred Cockerham, Pete Steele and Wade Ward. Also plays Classical banjo, which is from the classic era of banjo playing (1860-1920), rather than in the classical music sense. Primary instrument: a Arthur E. Smith Shelburne II. Also has a fretless banjo. E-mail: ndlxs@netcom.com.
Bruce Boyer
E-mail: bboyer@ix.netcom.com
Chris Ragaisis
E-mail: ragaisis@netcom.com