Telecom hosting not worth the premium

March 17, 2008 – 1:48 pm

A client made the decision to use Telecom as their web site host. I argued against it because the price differential was so great between Telecom and, well, anyone else. The client’s management decided to go with solid blue chip Telecom. The service we’ve had from them has been such unmitigated shit that I’m astonished Telecom is still in business.

You’d think the premium would get you better customer service or at least efficiency, but it doesn’t. I’ve been on hold for, let’s see, 18 minutes so far (listening to “come together … right now … over me” every 3 minutes) with nary a human in sight. If your choice is between Mad Ken’s Shonky Web Hosting and Telecom’s business packages, turn to Mad Ken every day–you’ll get the same shitty service but at least you won’t be paying through the nose for it.

I’m calling them because they didn’t set up the hosting account correctly, for the second time. It’s like a comedy of errors, only it’s a tragedy, and they’re less errors than retarded n00b fuckups by a pack of slobbering monkeys so backward they’re unable to keep from fingerpainting with their own shit. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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