May 9, 2009 – 4:11 pm

I’ve grown a row of beetroot and now I’m nervously wondering what the hell one does with a row of beetroot. I asked on Twitter, and here are the first 90m or so of responses:


@nzfi: @vexus_nexus similar effect on no# 2s too – tho don’t think it is a gene thing (omg can’t believe I’m tweeting this).

@nzfi: oh & don’t forget that the leaves are really yummy too. Chop, Steam, season & drizzle w olive oil. (Can u tell I like beets a lot?!).

@nzfi: oh and if you par-boil it whole first then you can just rub the skin off. Easier and less mess with rubber gloves on though.

@nzfi: wash, peel and grate it, pop it in a pot with knobs of butter & tbsp of balsamic. Medium heat for about 5-10mins – stir now&then. Yum

@Vexus_Nexus: awesome once you know. Not so awesome first time when you forget you ate beetroot last night = ‘oh christ, my kidneys are shot’

@Vexus_Nexus: my other suggestion was run a science experiment to see which of your friends have the beetroot pee gene. It’s a genetic trait.

@Vexus_Nexus: peel ’em, chop ’em, put some oil & balsamic vinegar on ’em, wrap ’em in tin foil & roast for a few hours. Good. You get beetroot pee?

@johubris: the River Cottage beetroot brownies looked bloody good

@johnmccombs: peel/qtr beets roast 200C in foil bag w red wine vinegar garlic lots grnd peppr, 1hr. rest. dress w good olive oil + balsamic vinegar

@circa1969: I’d recommend something like this:

@newts: modified spud gun?

@vodafoneNZ: borscht!

@stevebwriter: Do I gather u dont like beetroot (why grow it)? Burn as a ‘sacrifice’ to gain divine favour. Add caustic soda to juice; admire colour.

@keith_ng: ox tail soup/stew. Good with flavoursome beets.

@vavroom: beets, red onion and horseradish relish, beets, red cabbage and cranberries, beet salad, mackerel & beet salad. Want more?? 🙂

@dasfreak: beetroot can be used to make a pretty awesome chocolate cake. strange but true

@vavroom: pickled beetroot. apple & beetroot chutney. beetroot jelly. beet, lemon & ginger marmelade, borscht, beet roesti with rosemary… TBC

@ksuyin: Beetroot jelly

@natobasso: Kiwi Burgers!

@davemosk: mmmmm … borsht …

@jamesaduncan: boil ’em and pickle them… use them on salad. Mmm, pickled beetroot…

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