You're looking at Nat's New Zealand webcam.
Nat and family recently moved back to New Zealand from Colorado and set up this webcam to connect with old friends.
Out Nat's Window

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2006-11-22 in New Zealand

10:06 am <Your Namesonevai> Your Commentdfaf


3:24 am <Cord> OK, OK. Thanks for the views while they were there!


10:19 am <Jenine> but i can tell you right now, the view is grey and uninspiring.
10:18 am <Jenine> It's a hassle to keep the camera hooked up, and we just can't be bothered. If you really want to see what the view is like, go on AIM and chat with JenineAbarbanel. i'll point the camera out the window for you.
10:16 am <Jenine> The webcam is indeed disconnected. And will probably remain so. Sorry. You guys are going to have to find a new hobby. We've found other uses for the camera for the time being.
9:02 am <amyg> pfft. btdt.


1:53 pm <Cord> Maybe this is just a hint to go get our own view, in person!
10:44 am <amyg> s/sunset/sunrise
10:44 am <amyg> dunno, but I've been looking for a Ti Point sunset for the last few days and it's been all yard, all the time
8:58 am <Cord> Is the WebCam inop?