Nat’s 2022 Technical Link Pile: Front End/Flutter/Dart/UI

December 30, 2022 – 7:08 pm

See the Intro for context.

[20221231] React Admin — claims of a full-featured data grid, which is 50-80% of many of our apps. (As well as roles & permissions and validations)

[20221224] Death to the Line of Deaththe idea that an application should separate trustworthy UI from untrusted content. The typical example is in a web browser, where untrustworthy web content appears below the browser toolbar UI. Trustworthy content provided by the web browser must appear either in the browser toolbar, or anchored to it or overlapping it. If this separation is maintained, then untrusted content can’t spoof the trustworthy browser UI to trick or attack the user.

[20221224] FlexGrid – cross-platform grid for MAUI apps.

[20221210] PeriText – a CRDT implementation that supports primarily offline use – ometimes people prefer a more asynchronous collaboration style, where they can work on a private copy of a document for a while and share their updates later. The algorithms underpinning services like Google Docs are not designed to support this use case.

[20221126] Building a BZT JSON CRDT — fault-tolerant conflict-free replicated data types. The HN discussion has interesting notes about the shortcomings of CRDTs (eg, merging two changes might violate the document schema).

[20221126] Never Use a Warning When You Mean Undo — “do you really want to delete this?” is much worse than just having an Undo button to let you recover if you say “Yes” and then regret it. From HN discussion, “hold to activate” is a useful way to force consideration of truly destructive actions; “never disable a menu item or widget without providing feedback (like a tooltip) about why it’s disabled and what to do to enable it”; GNOME Human Interface Guidelines discourage Yes/No and OK/Cancel in favour of meaningful button names.

[20221119] USWDS — the US Government’s Web Design Standards. Lots of good info and recommendations here.

[20221008] Junior Designers vs Senior Designers – good list of the different behaviours between juniors and seniors. Much of it is owning success and having initiative, vs being told what to do.

[20220922] DataDog’s UI Library – code is internal use only but the documentation is public so you get to see their design vocabulary and opinions.

[20220213] Native to React Native to Flutter — one project’s experiences. They like Flutter.

[20220213] Awesome Flutter — collection of Flutter resources. Beware, these are usually up to date when the compiler got enthusiastic and compiled them, but most aren’t maintained.

[20220201] How to make your Flutter app offline-first with CouchBase Lite

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