Nat’s 2022 Technical Link Pile: Product

December 30, 2022 – 7:14 pm

See the Intro for context.

[20220203] Tree/Loop Prompts

  • Our ability to ________ is a function of our ability to ________
  • ________ has a number of contributing factors, including ________
  • When ________ [increases/decreases] we would expect to see __________ [increase/decrease]
  • To [increase/decrease] ___________, we have a number of options including ____________
  • To [increase/decrease] ___________, we have a number of options including attempting to [increase/decrease] ___________.
  • ________ can be broken down into the following subtopics: ________
  • ________ is an output of the following inputs: ________
  • ________ will help us ________ which will help us __________
  • To positively impact ________ we might try ________ , ideally without ________ .
  • Our assumption (or hypothesis) that __________ can be broken down into multiple sub-assumptions (or hypotheses), including ________

[20220131] Designing WhatsApp — sample breakdown of requirements, architecture, etc.

[20220131] Plan for Tradeoffs — different quality attributes of software are rivalrous, so you should decide what your priorities are

[20220201] When MVPs hurt

[20220201] Feature release plans

[20220201] You can’t buy integration (abstract the capability, not the system)

[20220201] How to Price Projects & Manage Scope Creep

  • Break into Discovery, Alpha, MVP, and Ongoing BAU
  • You only need to define the scope of the next stage
  • Discovery = validate the project, deliver user needs, business objectives, what needs to be built.
  • Alpha = visualise the service, define how it works, and ensure users have a positive experience with it. Gives you shared vision, identify things that were overlooked, and something to test with users.
  • MVP = ship something, being pushy with “not in the first draft”
  • BAU = iterate and optimise, add new features, remove things that aren’t helpful

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