Nat’s 2022 Technical Link Pile: Intro

December 30, 2022 – 7:06 pm

I used to read a lot of the technical web and social media for O’Reilly Media, where I wrote the daily “Four Short Links” digest. I still read a lot of online content, but now for my own purposes. I’ve been CEO and now CTO of a company that makes retail management software (ERP, POS, and other acronyms for fashion retailers), so I’m short of time and my reading is focused on things relevant to my needs.

I kept track of the interesting things I found, and sorted them loosely into piles. Those piles are:

Each pile is now a post on this blog. Each post is a list of entries, sorted reverse chronologically. Italicised text is quoted from the site. I’ve datestamped the entries.

I’m shallowest on C#, SQL Server, and Flutter. We make on-prem WinForms software and I’m simultaneously coming up to speed on the .NET tech stack, SQL Server, and our use of it — while also looking for future platform options. Flutter is one of those. (We’re hiring WinForms seniors! Mail me:

Product, Dev, Management are the richest veins. I pretty much kept Interesting Software only for open source software I found. And Random is just nerdy interest.

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