Nat’s 2022 Technical Link Pile: Interesting Software

December 30, 2022 – 7:17 pm

See the Intro for context.

[20221231] EndBasic — BASIC with cloud, DOS-like GUI. Actively developed.

[20221231] pbproxysend your clipboard anywhere you can ssh.

[20221231] LCARS — open source web implementation of the Star Trek UI.

[20221231] VAP — video animation player. Particle effects and transparency on a webpage.

[20221223] mdBook — create books with Markdown.

[20221126] Semantic Code Search — ask it things like ‘Where are API requests authenticated?’

[20221126] wasmer — an embeddable WASM runtime. 

[20221126] d2 — diagram language and open source diagram generator from it. There a VSCode plugin.

[20221126] hurl — commandline HTTP tool that uses plain text for request and testing.

[20221126] rhasspy — open source voice assistant.

[20221119] Using ss and tcpflow to trace HTTP requests — two very cool commandline tools for understanding what’s speaking HTTP and then looking into the requests and responses.

[20221107] permifyeasily structure your authorization model, store authorization data in your own servers securely, and interact with Permify API to handle all authorization questions from any of your applications. Inspired by Google’s Zanzibar.

[20221107] stepciautomate API testing and monitoring.

[20221107] metloan open-source security platform. Create an Inventory of all your API Endpoints; Proactively test your APIs before they go into production; Detect API attacks in real time.

[20221107] steampipeUse SQL to query cloud infrastructure, SaaS, code, logs, and more.

[20221107] privadoan open-source static code analysis tool to discover data flows in the code. It detects more than 110 personal data elements being processed and further maps the data flow from the point of collection to “sinks” such as external third parties, databases, logs, and internal APIs.

[20221107] Common Table Expressions — nice, put the SELECT in a string, then you can say “WITH foo as ($sql)” to construct complex queries without repeating yourself.

[20221107] lama-cleanera free and open-source inpainting tool powered by SOTA AI model.

[20221102] Restfox — “open source PostMan”, aka Offline-first web HTTP client.

[20221029] Backstage — see the software you own and its status, and prevent orphans.

[20221028] sonica fast, lightweight and schema-less search backend. It ingests search texts and identifier tuples that can then be queried against in a microsecond’s time.

[20221028] answerdevStack Overflow clone.

[20221008] dblabInteractive client for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3.

[20221008] Tigrisa scalable transactional document store. Perform real-time search across your data stores automatically. Build event-driven apps with real-time event streaming. All provided to you through a unified serverless API enabling you to focus on building applications and stop worrying about the data infrastructure.

[20221008] Awesome Tunneling – list of software that does tunneling. This is primarily targeted toward self-hosters and developers who want to do things like exposing a local webserver via a public domain name, with automatic HTTPS, even if behind a NAT or other restricted network.

[20221003] OpenShip – open source multichannel order fulfilment software.

[20221003] w2uiUI widgets for modern apps. Data table, forms, toolbars, sidebar, tabs, tooltips, popups. All under 120kb (gzipped).

[20220922] – search open source libraries.

[20220922] Whisper – AI text to voice.

[20220921] Obsidian – Zettelkasten software.

[20220912] Berkeley Mono — typeface that harks back to terminal days.

[20220910] CastleDB — structured static database. Everything’s stored as JSON. Use case is game development so you can version control maps, level configuration, etc.

[20220910] JSON Hero — make JSON actually human-readable. Date previews and all sorts of slickness.

[20220904] Quickwita cloud-native search engine for log management & analytics. It is designed to be very cost-effective, easy to operate, and scale to petabytes.

[20220902] JSON Crack – turn JSON into diagrams.

[20220901] Mintlify Writer — highlight code and it generates a comment that documents it.

[20220812] StemRoller — extract musical stems from a mixed recording using Facebook’s algorithm

[20220812] AFFiNE — open source collab knowledge management

[20220807] – open source headless BI

[20220803] clientdban open-source in-memory database for enabling real-time web apps.

[20220724] Symflower integrates into your development workflow by generating high-coverage unit test suites while you are coding. Basically supports making tests as you code, rather than coming back afterward. So many questions.

[20220721] Habitica – habit-building software.

[20220718] Trillium – desktop app for hierarchical note taking to form knowledge bases, with sync. Not multiplayer but has versioning and sync so …

[20220524] LiveTermbuild terminal styled websites in minutes!

[20220504] Keycloak – RedHat-sponsored IAM software.

[20220504] RepliByteRepliByte is built to seed a development database with production data. Replibyte helps you to: (1) Create a development dump from production; (2) Subset your production dump into a more reasonable size; (3) Hide sensitive data via customizable Transformers; (4) Make your development dump easily accessible from any remote and local databases.

[20220504] Hasura – expose SQL databases as GraphQL.

[20220421] Bubble – nocode system.

[20220421] hubfs – git repo shows up as a filesystem.

[20220421] rqlite – SQLite with RAFT consensus protocol.Uses Raft to achieve consensus across all the instances of the SQLite databases, ensuring that every change made to the system is made to a quorum of SQLite databases, or none at all.

[20220421] YDB – open-source Distributed SQL Database that combines high availability and scalability with strong consistency and ACID transactions.

[20220421] Jaeger – end-to-end distributed tracing.

[20220404] APISIX – Apache load balancer for APIs with canary release, circuit breaking, auth, observability, and more.

[20220404] envkey – manage envariables, autoreload servers if the variables change, etc.

[20220404] Quick Database Diagrams – text file DSL generates classic database diagrams.

[20220328] Convoy — fast and secure webhooks service.

[20220323] Tailwind CSS – CSS framework that had me at “most Tailwind projects ship less than 10kB of CSS to the client.” (Bootstrap was the last CSS I used, so take with grain of salt)

[20220312] Mitnal — boot to Twitter (Twitter client for UEFI)

[20220225] Explaining What Changed in a Dataset — an explanatory diff. 

[20220225] automerge — CRDTs in Javascript

[20220225] jless – command-line JSON viewing/searching tool

[20220224] AppSmith – another open source RAD system. They’re all hiding authentication and test environments behind enterprise licensing, despite claiming being open source.

[20220224] s3-credentials – quickly and easily create AWS credentials (an access key and secret key) that have permission to read or write from just a single S3 bucket.

[20220219] Grist — AirTable-like software

[20220217] WebSubHub – a fully compliant WebSub Hub built that you can use to distribute live changes from various publishers. 

[20220215] NocoDB — open source airtable alternative. Given a database, produces spreadsheet view, kanban, etc. etc. and APIs.

[20220213] Medusa — headless ecommerce site engine, aka customers, products, orders.

[20220209] ToolJet — open source low code solution for teams to build internal software 

[20220209] Atlas — database schema migration tool

[20220207] WebVM — a server-less virtual Linux environment running fully client-side in HTML5/WebAssembly. The closed source piece is the CheerpX virtualization engine.

[20220205] Squabble – multi-player Wordle royale

[20220205] Cassowary – run Windows software in VMs on Linux and RDP in

[20220202] OneModel – fast diagramming for engineers

[20220201] Firecracker MicroVM – the tech behind AWS Lambda functions quick startup

[20220131] ​BudiBase — open source low code platform. Tempting for Middle Earth.

[20220131] omni — omnibar for the browser for switching, opening, etc. tabs.

[20220131] Falso — Create massive amounts of fake data in the browser and NodeJS. Tree Shakeable & Fully Typed.

[20220131] Mermaid — ASCII diagrams from Markdown

[20220131] Fig — autocomplete for the terminal

[20220128] Playwright – a framework for Web Testing and Automation. It allows testing Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast.

[20220128] Wildcard – hack your browser like you’re in Excel

[20220128] Electric Tables – like a personal link database, but very hackable and in-browser. Nice.

[20220128] Zim – a desktop wiki

[20220201] Bookstack – open source wiki

  • An opinionated hierarchy of Book -> Chapter (Optional) -> Page
  • Great search
  • WYSIWYG OR Markdown supported
  • Great integration into

[20220201] XWiki

[20220201] txtai – semantic search library w/vectors

[20220201] dsq – commandline tool for running SQL queries against JSON, CSV, Parquet, etc.

[20220201] Haystack – open source framework for building search systems that work intelligently over large document collections

[20220201] shardz – sharding coordinator

[20220201] jam – open source clubhouse

[20220201] Respawn (checkpoint and restore databases during tests)

[20220201] rclone – mount cloud storage as local filesystem

[20220201] Deskreen — any screen into another monitor

[20220201] Datascript – datalog in the browser

[20220201] Zettlr — markdown editor

[20220201] Falsisign – make it look like a PDF has been scanned and signed

[20220201] SqlServerSocket – connect to SQL Server from Dart

[20220201] Aqueduct – dart HTTP server (archived 2 years ago, ugh)

[20220201] – tptachek works there. “Deploy app servers close to your users”

[20220201] Retool – app builder, looks real interesting. deploy on prem with Docker ($ service)

[20220201] Dura – a background process that watches your Git repositories and commits your uncommitted changes without impacting HEAD, the current branch, or the Git index (staged files). If you ever get into an “oh snap!” situation where you think you just lost days of work, checkout a dura branch and recover.

[20220201] NDepend – calculate concreteness and abstraction for your .NET classes

[20220201] DuckDB – an in-process SQL OLAP database management system

[20220201] Turbo – server-rendered applications. Sends HTML over the wire so you write less JS. From Basecamp.

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