Day 2

November 18, 2005 – 7:00 pm

I don’t know whether it’s the equinox or the move, but it feels
like there’s SO MUCH TIME in the day. I wove flax with the kids, my
parents arrived down the road from us (they’re also moving back to NZ
from the US), went out on the boat, caught up on email, gathered
seafood, ate the seafood, yarned with my uncle, played music, and
watched a Colbert Report. I’m hard-pressed to get through my inbox
when we’re in the US!

We’re on Orcon DSL. It’s the
closest to reasonable pricing we could find: $50/month for 1G of
traffic, and $1/G after that (purchased in increments of 10G, so we’ll
be spending at least $60/month). It still amazes me how
inconveniently priced “broadband” is in NZ–the business models built
on top of ubiquitous broadband, which are all the rage in the US, are
laughable here. Nobody will pay to download TV over the net here,
when their net access is metered in this fashion.

I walked in front of the webcam this morning
while clad only in boxers. Within minutes I had email: “nice picture
… of your butt!” Hazards of high-tech. If I can avoid getting fat
on the wonderful food here, I might be able to charge for the boxer
shots and make back my broadband costs. Hmmm ….

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