Day 4: Taking It Easy

November 19, 2005 – 7:00 pm

Finally we went to the beach today (Sunday). It was good to walk
on Omaha again, white sand crackling underfoot. The kids could have
spent all day there, and I’m sure they’ll spend many days this summer
there. Looking at them running into the surf, digging sand castles,
and burying my legs with sand, I thought: this is why I brought them
back here! Every kid should grow up doing this stuff!

Jenine spent the day in bed, possibly concussed, possibly with an
inner ear infection. I may have concussed her on Thursday with a
stick (an accident!). We’ll find out tomorrow: if she’s no better,
we’ll go to a doctor and get her checked out.

Watched the All Blacks beat England in a close game, with an
American watching. Had to explain the rules, the national passion,
etc. The parochial fervour with which we defend the All Blacks, and
with which we attack anyone who might jeopardise the All Blacks, is
quite astonishing. Even when the All Blacks win, it was in the face
of off-the-ball cheating by the other team and blatantly faulty
refereeing. It’s often said that New Zealand is a small country and
acts overly-aggressive in compensation, and I’m not sure I disagree.

Made an iPod-compatible time-lapse
of the day and sunset as seen through our window.

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