Day 5: Doctor

November 21, 2005 – 7:00 pm

It’s wonderful how easy it is to see a doctor over here. Our local
GP, Elspeth, had a busy day but still managed to fit Jenine in.
Jenine was dizzy, which was diagnosed as nothing more than a virus
affectin gthe inner ear: walk around, get the brain compensating,
all’s well. Less than an hour in the waiting room and we’re out. In
Colorado, that’d have been a nurse visit (the nurse checked Jenine, but
didn’t try to diagnose), a scheduled visit to the doctor for a few
weeks’ time, or a trip to the ER.

William had his first day at school today, a country school where a
non-trivial number of children were barefoot. It seemed to go well.
I’m in love with the laid-back attitude to life here: the secretary of
the school nervously smiles at me whenever I see her, as though I’m so
full of questions and energy that she’s afraid I’ll explode if I am
not humoured.

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