Day 12: Rural Schools

November 28, 2005 – 7:00 pm

Today Jenine helped out at William’s school, and we learned that
there’s quite the gulf between the grouchy old woman teaching his
class and the sweet old woman who taught him in Colorado. This one is
bullying, dismissive, and belittling. This puts us in the awkward
position of being new to the school, yet dissatisfied. Jenine will
talk to the head of the PTA and to the principal. I do not want my
son to have three years with an inadequate teacher.

I found some online Maori classes while surfing to find out how long
it would take Jenine to be able to teach (answer: one year of classes).
I need to take the Maori lessons so that William doesn’t beat me. He
came home with the Maori vowel pronunciation on Friday, and today he’s
singing a song I remember singing in Primary school. I’ll post it as
soon as I can find its name (all I could give you now is the phonetic
chorus, something like “tato tao ay”).

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