Day 13: Love of a Small Country

November 29, 2005 – 7:00 pm

Today I sent email to, and got
replies from, the acting CEO of New Zealand On Air, and the general
editor of Te Ara (the
Encyclopedia of New Zealand). I love that these people are so

Today’s accomplishments: moved the dead cars out of
our garage so the emptying of the house can begin in earnest; planted
more plants; cleaned windows. I’m throwing myself more into this
house and property than I have ever done with any house before. I
think feel this one is important.

I learned that New Zealand
has a Digital Strategy, which fittingly has its own website. There are
some interesting case
there, including Te Ara and CommunityNet Aotearoa (a kind
of civic action site). I eventually found Matapihi, a single search box that
queries a lot of digital archives. There’s a big push as part of the
Digital Strategy to get interop between all the archives of cultural
artifacts, which is nice to see. Check out the Dublin Core metadata
in a
representative page
(view source to see the DC.* elements).

PS: I love the LazyWeb! Reader Graeme Merrall sent in a
link to the song that William’s singing
. I wonder: if I mention
the grass is getting long, will he whip around and mow it for me? 🙂

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