Nat at Govis, May 2009

March 16, 2009 – 5:01 pm

I’m excited, I’m going to be at the 2009 GOVIS conference on Government and IT. I’m closing the event out on Friday May 22, but also running two workshops before it opens: Work With The Web, Not Against It and Planning for 2012. The conference happens in Wellington, 20-22 May.

Ever seen a web site with absolutely hideous URLs? You know the ones I mean–they can’t be read by humans, they’re longer than one line in email, they have ? in them and so on. These URLs make it hard for people to bookmark, share, and cite your web site. Why would you do that? Work With The Web, Not Against It covers these kind of epic fails in web sites. Five-step registration, miserable mobile experiences, failures building communities, …. I got a million of ’em, and I’ll be sharing them at this workshop.

In Planning for 2012, I want to get people thinking about the future in a structured and productive fashion. All too often, futurism is shiny cars and robots doing our work. Together we’ll identify a dozen trends and emerging technologies that could shape our world, then we’ll draw up some scenarios to see how they will affect your job. You’ll walk out not with a laundry list of buzzwords (“Prosumer Cocreation!”, “The World is a Donut!”, “Democratized Outervation!”, etc.), but with a picture of what could change in your field, and how your role would have to adapt to meet that future.

It’s going to be fun! Hope to see you there ….

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