InternetNZ: Censorware: Phone call

September 15, 2009 – 9:29 pm

(As a new councillor for InternetNZ, I will be pitching into the issues of copyright and censorship. I’ll blog all my InternetNZ work to keep folks following along at home up with the play. I’ll be walking the line between transparency and confidentiality, so I beg your forgiveness in advance if I don’t always provide blow-by-blow who-said-what-to-whom accounts of meetings.)

Today the members of the policy advisory group (PAG — what a lovely acronym) looking into the DIA censorware had our first phone meeting. We went over arguments for and against the filter, and attempted to identify the philosophical principles on which a response to the filter could be made. I was struck by how useful David Farrar was: he’s obviously spent a lot of time talking to people about this, and was able to play Devil’s Advocate when needed.

The InternetNZ staff will boil down what we said to a brief paper outlining where we stand, which we on the PAG will read this weekend and hopefully get out to members in the coming week. We’ve asked to meet with DIA but they’re “busy” and haven’t scheduled a date yet.

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