In Wellington Today

September 30, 2009 – 8:37 am

There’s an InternetNZ strategy day for the council. I’m not a mad fan of strategy for strategy’s sake, but Frank March (InternetNZ President) seems pretty keen to keep it practical. We’ll be nailing down issues like: who InternetNZ represents, what types of projects we can support, how we work with other organisations, and a bunch of financial policies to keep InternetNZ from any of the financial crises that can befall poorly-run organisations (running out of money, being surprised by obligations, etc.).

InternetNZ isn’t about to run out of money, but before we start funding a new round of projects it seems wise to get the ducks in a row so that they’re funded systematically and thoughtfully rather than spontaneously and piecemeal. InternetNZ’s revenue comes from .nz domain name registrations, and also we’ll be preparing the org for fluctuations in that business.

In today’s meeting, I’ll be acting in accordance with my belief that InternetNZ should: support the S92A battle, ensure the DIA’s censorware gets the critical opposition that it needs, have regular and useful contact with aligned sister organisations, and make better use of its members. I see today as clearing the path for action on these fronts.

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