From our local newspaper

September 5, 2010 – 10:26 am

Our local newspaper, Mahurangi Matters, had this great piece of short news (sadly not online yet):

Local firemen recently responded to a 3.30am call “power causing concern”. The homeowner could hear a humming sound seemingly coming from her bathroom wall. The firemen were all set to knock down walls to find the source when the officer in charge found a “personal item” vibrating in a stainless steel dish on the vanity. Not realising what it was, he picked it up and took it out to an ultimately “very embarrassed” lady.

This is the same magazine with a page 5 story “Knitter gets knickers in a knot over rival group’s name” about two knitting groups who want to call themselves “Chicks with Sticks”. I love being back home.

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