Easily Creating Twitter Lists From Lists of Twitter Users

March 4, 2013 – 7:27 pm

Kiwi Foo Camp just ended. This year, I collected Twitter handles as part of registration and I wanted to create a Twitter list. Twitter doesn’t provide an easy way to do this: you’re supposed to visit each person’s Twitter page and then add them to the list. Many clicks, many hours, no way is that fun.

1) ttytter to the rescue! Follow the website’s instructions for installation and tying it to your Twitter account. If your experience is like mine, this will be the most time-consuming part of the process.

2) Create the list, either in ttytter (with /withlist mylistname create Public descriptive text about the list) or from your favourite Twitter client.

3) Then you need to take your list of @names and turn it into a set of command for ttytter:

/withlist mylistname add name
/withlist mylistname add othername

or multiple on one line

/withlist mylistname add name othername thirdname ...

I used Perl, you can use your favourite tool. You can then pipe those commands into ttytter -script:

./csv2addcommands | ttytter -script

Worst comes to worst, get it into Word as a list of handles, use search and replace to add /withlist stuff to the start of each line (or have just one long line) and then paste the command or commands into ttytter.

4) You are done. Revel in the awesome power of technology and text.

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